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Personalized Health Services

Healthy living isn’t just for youth. Promotion of good health through exercise, proper nutrition, therapeutic and preventative care is important for the elderly as it greatly adds to their quality of life. At Prairie Home Assisted Living we are dedicated to providing the highest quality care so our residents enjoy the full benefits of a healthy lifestyle.
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Each resident moving into Prairie Home Assisted Living goes through an extensive assessment of their health. Our licensed Facility Administrator and Registered Nurse work together with the resident, his or her family and their medical care team to get a complete picture of each individual’s health, all health care needs and concerns. Throughout their stay at Prairie Home, residents are carefully monitored by the Administrator, the on-site RN and our team of trained Caregivers. Family members and family physicians are actively included in all health care discussions and decisions.

CBRF Certification
Prairie Home is a Class C Non-Ambulatory assisted living facility. Beyond providing assistance with tasks of daily living, fun activities and nutritional meals, we are licensed and regulated by the State of Wisconsin to provide high levels of medical care for our residents. Understanding that your loved one resides in a place that can meet most elderly health concerns on-site and future health needs as they develop, relieves many anxieties. Peace of mind comes from knowing that your loved one won’t have to move again, as Prairie Home is equipped to manage all stages of elderly care. Trained Caregivers, under the supervision of medical professionals, oversee and provide care for all areas of medication, disease processes, Alzheimer’s and Dementia related disorders, fall prevention, pain management, infection control and hospice care.

Trained Caregiver Staff
All Prairie Home Caregivers are CNA or RA certified and work closely with Prairie Home's Facility Administrator and on-site RN to ensure the highest quality care for each resident. Our staff is committed to constant improvement and Caregivers are actively involved in continuing education programs, which include regular in-house and external training. Prairie Home is a recognized and accredited clinical site for the Wisconsin CNA School.

Health Services at Prairie Home:

  • Person Centered Care; regular contact with family and physician
    Each Prairie Home resident is unique and has individualized needs, so we create a customized care and service plan focusing on providing the help and health care that is needed. Each resident is regularly monitored and their overall health plan is overseen by the Facility Administrator and on-site RN who collaborate with physicians, therapists and case managers to provide comprehensive care. Our trained Caregivers, under the supervision of medically trained professionals, work closely with each resident and their health team to provide optimal treatment. Caregivers carefully monitor and document all health concerns and report back to the Facility Administrator, the RN and the resident’s family physician.

  • Medication Management and Supervision,
    All Prairie Home Medication Administers undergo training as required by the State of Wisconsin as well as participate in continuous in-house training in order to maintain proficiency in Medication Management. Under the supervision of the Facility Administrator and the on-site RN, the Prairie Home Caregivers manage all medications and chart frequency of meds, dosage and interactions with other medications. Caregiver staff undergoes an annual review to ensure compliance with the State of Wisconsin guidelines on medication management.

  • Pharmacy Services
    Upon moving into Prairie Home, each resident’s medications are assessed and each year a visiting pharmacist reviews each resident’s medications. A visiting pharmacist also does an annual monitoring with the Caregiver staff to ensure proper medication passes. Residents of Prairie Home have access to 24 hour, 7 day a week pharmaceutical delivery so families needn’t worry about arranging delivery or running around to get medications for their loved ones.

  • Daily Exercise
    Exercise is key to a positive mental outlook and prevention of a range of health issues. At Prairie Home we place emphasis on keeping our residents physically active. Exercise is a fun, social event and at Prairie Home there is a wide variety of daily exercise activities to choose from.

    Residents are invited to join group exercise classes set to music. Gentle stretching and strength training is available for maintaining muscle tone, agility and mobility. Balance exercises are also important for the prevention of falls and the gaining of confidence after a fall. Interactive electronic games on the Prairie Home Wii are loads of fun and keep residents fit. Individual exercise equipment is also available for residents for use in the privacy of their own rooms.

    The new Prairie Home Fun and Fitness Room is a fully equipped gym with equipment designed for the elderly in mind. Resistance based exercise machines as well as resistance bands and ball are all useful in gently toning muscles, gaining strength and developing balance. Beyond training, it is a fun place to work out while watching cable TV or chatting with a friend.

    Physical exercise provides great emotional benefits which aid your loved one in keeping a positive outlook on life. Prairie Home helps your loved one remain in good physical and mental form.

  • Specialized Care for Alzheimer & Dementia-Related Disorders
    Prairie Home Caregivers arrange activities to stimulate and engage residents with Alzheimer’s and Dementia. Simple but helpful routines are established to help maintain memory and bring a sense of security to those who struggle with recall. Establishing trusting relationships with residents allows Prairie Home Caregivers to play an important role in of your loved one’s life. Our goal is to provide encouragement and assistance to help residents maintain an optimal level of self-care and independence. We focus on remaining abilities and promote cognitive and functional skills that make daily life easier. Prairie Home strives to help the entire family cope with Alzheimer’s disease and Dementia.

    Specialized therapists come to Prairie Home to provide extra care for residents with vision, speech or hearing difficulties. Working with resident’s in the comfort of their personal space, therapists provide care to optimize physical functions and keep future troubles at bay. Skin care plus foot and nail care are also provided.

  • Respite & Rehabilitative Transitional Care
    Respite and Rehabilitation is available for those requiring post hospitalization care and is intended to smooth the transition back to living at home or needing a lower level of care. With clinical and rehabilitation care designed to hasten recovery and working closely with support agencies and hospital staff, Prairie Home is able to provide complete care to those recovering from injury, illness or surgery .

  • Hospice Care
    Hospice Care focuses on enriching our resident’s lives and providing support to the entire family. Through the use of individualized care plans and enabling personal choices and decisions, Prairie Home helps those with Hospice Care to live out the remaining time with dignity and in comfort. Prairie Home works closely with several area hospice providers to offer our residents end of life care while incorporating multidisciplinary approaches to managing symptoms while keeping them comfortable and pain-free. Making the most of the remaining days, Prairie Home’s Hospice Care provides residents, and their families, care that addresses physical, spiritual, emotional and practical needs. Prairie Home Caregivers and Administration staff together assist the entire family through this often difficult and emotional stage of their loved one’ lives.

  • Physical Therapy, Massage Therapy
    Prairie Home facilitates rehabilitation therapies for residents. Several rehabilitation agencies provide therapists who come to Prairie Home and work with residents in the comfort of their own room. Therapists also provide in-house training for the Prairie Home staff, educating and training everyone involved in the care of a resident, so there is continuity in the care received. In addition to physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy and massage therapy are available for residents as needed.

  • Specialists for Vision, Speech, Hearing, Skin and Feet
    Specialized therapists come to Prairie Home to provide extra care for residents with vision, speech or hearing difficulties. Working with resident’s in the comfort of their personal space, therapists provide care to optimize physical functions and keep future troubles at bay. Skin care plus foot and nail care are also provided.

    Pet Therapy
    Interaction with animals is very beneficial to the elderly. Volunteers bring in trained dogs that sit with the residents to be pet. Cats are welcome too. Each house has an aviary filled with colorful birds that delight the residents and guests with their songs and calls. Tropical fish add color and movement to the sitting areas. Moreover, Mr. McGruff, a friendly Airedale Terrier, is Prairie Home’s own mascot and and regularly visits residents hoping for attention and treats.

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